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Favorite artist?

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Favorite artist?

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15 Mar, 2018
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Hello every one!

 I'am a bit new on this forum, and I am not all that confident in my Japanese to write in it so openly but I wanted to see what you guys are listening to. I like Kana-boon, WagakiBand as someone mentioned is pretty darn refreshing. But I didn't notice anyone here who would listen to japanese rap or electro. (As silly as it might sound) I like Reol, Rhymster, Dotama and the ,,Cho Wavy de Gomenne" song is stuck with me thanks to my classmate. What is your opinion on japanese rap?

By the way, thanks for the bands already listed, I will try to listen to most of them to build up an opinion.

#21 Posted by CrimsonRave about 3 months ago

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