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Comments for "Crowds!"

Meeting the natives in their natural habitat :)

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30 Jan, 2018
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Useful insight.  Speaking of manners in a Tokyo train, it is interesting to compare it with Milan, and possibly other Italian cities.  Italian metro passengers use a very good protocol, and that is to move into the centre of the carriage until it is time to get off.  That way, the doorway is not blocked.  At the moment before your stop to get off, you indicate to people vocally that you are trying to get off next, and people will naturally move aside for you.  Of course, it is impossible to do so in the Yamanote line, as I imagine from your description that there is no place to move aside.  In many places, e.g., Brussels, where people are too reserved to say anything, everybody tries to stay around the door, so that they do not have to ask and bother others.  In this case, the Tokyo pushing method you described can be very handy!


#1 Posted by Ipoman over 4 years ago
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26 Aug, 2020
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Oh that is a dangerous one but wait until you see trains in the philippines. Those are damn well crowded and are often full whenever they reach a certain train stop. This is why people are easy to get sick or even get sweaty after a train ride. I wiish they could work on that since there are many people who depend on that train to get to their work. Fare is not that cheap so the trains are much favourable. This is why they need to make sure that the trains are not that crowded especially in key cities.

Utagawa Aki

#2 Posted by UtagawaAki over 3 years ago

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