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王女ルウ (Princess Rue)

王女ルウ (Princess Rue)

Posted by flint over 3 years ago, last modified over 2 years ago

#novel#japanese author

"The princess's nickname is the 'Bloodstained Rue'. She forced me to become her lover. I could not oppose her at all. Within the palace I witnessed many things."

Take your Japanese to the next level with these fun lessons while reading the Japanese novel 王女ルウ (Princess Rue).

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235 Words|294 Kanji|2 Followers

王女ルウ - 第1章

Chapter 1 of 王女ルウ (Princess Rue)

371 Words|1 Follower

王女ルウ - 第2章

Chapter 2 of 王女ルウ (Princess Rue)

94 Words|1 Follower

王女ルウ - 第3章

Chapter 3 of 王女ルウ (Princess Rue)

108 Words|1 Follower

王女ルウ - 第4章

Chapter 4 of 王女ルウ (Princess Rue)

310 Words|1 Follower

王女ルウ - 第5章

Chapter 5 of 王女ルウ (Princess Rue)

208 Words|1 Follower

王女ルウ - 第6章

Chapter 6 of 王女ルウ (Princess Rue)

160 Words|1 Follower

王女ルウ - 第7章

Chapter 7 of 王女ルウ (Princess Rue)

206 Words|1 Follower

王女ルウ - 第8章

Chapter 8 of 王女ルウ (Princess Rue)

116 Words|1 Follower

王女ルウ - 第9章

Chapter 9 of 王女ルウ (Princess Rue)

195 Words|1 Follower

王女ルウ - 第10章

Chapter 10 of 王女ルウ (Princess Rue)

35 Words|1 Follower

王女ルウ - 第11章

Chapter 11 of 王女ルウ (Princess Rue)

92 Words|1 Follower

王女ルウ - 第12章

Chapter 12 of 王女ルウ (Princess Rue)