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Ch 20, Lesson 85: Study abroad

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Ch 21, Lesson 87: Achievement and Progress

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Ch 21, Lesson 88: Decisions

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Ch 21, Lesson 89: Consequences

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Ch 22, Lesson 90: First Impressions

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Ch 26, Lesson 103: Changing Perspectives

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Ch 9, Lesson 8: Describing Rooms

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Ch 9, Lesson 9: Foreign Languages

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Chapter 10: Requests

Kanji from Lessons 40-43

- Requests
- Manners
- Giving Directions

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Chapter 20: Giving & Receiving

Kanji from Lessons 82-85
- Giving Things and Helping Others
- Being given and being helped
- Receiving Things and Help from Others

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Chapter 6


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Kanji and Vocab for Chapter 21

12 Words|8 Kanji

CHh 18, Lesson 75: Before or After

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Chi's Sweet Home


New words learned from reading Chi's Sweet Home

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college kanji

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A selection of kanji and vocabulary related to colours.

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Colours (Advanced)


This covers several basic and advanced colours in Japanese, things such as red, blue and yellow are listed but navy, olive and jade green etc. are also listed.

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common kanji

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common verbs

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vocabulario de computadora

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Conflict (6th Week)

Things we would rather avoid.

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#conjugation lessons

Conjugations are small variations to a word that change the meaning of the word slightly, such as changing the tense of a verb (ie, drink, drinking, drank). Compared to English, Japanese has a lot more conjugations that you will need to learn. In these lessons you will learn the rules on how to form each of the different conjugations in Japanese, which situations to use them in, and have fun mastering them by playing practice games.

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Conversation 101-105

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Conversational vocabulary

Vocabulary collected mostly from language exchange