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Conjugations for 正しい

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i adjective

English Meaning(s) for 正しい

i adjective
  1. right; correct
  2. proper; righteous; just; honest; truthful; lawful

Definition and Synonyms for 正しい

Accurate conforming exactly or almost exactly to fact or to a standard or performing with total accuracy
Synonyms: つまびらか, , 正しい, 正確, 的確, 確か, 精密, 精確, 精細, 緻密, 詳しい
Correct free from error
Synonyms: 本当, 正しい, 正確, 的確, 確か, 精確
Correctness conformity to fact or truth
Synonyms: , 正しい, ,
Justness conformity with some esthetic standard of correctness or propriety
Synonyms: まとも, 正しい, 正当
Accuracy the quality of being near to the true value
Synonyms: 正しい, 正確, 正確度, 正確性, 的確, 真実性, 確度, 精度, 精確
Appropriateness appropriate conduct
Synonyms: 正しい
Rightness according with conscience or morality
Synonyms: まとも, , , , 正しい, 正方
Exact (of ideas, images, representations, expressions) characterized by perfect conformity to fact or truth
Synonyms: 正しい, 正確, 確か, 精確
Correct correct in opinion or judgment
Synonyms: いい, いい, もっとも, 公正, 妥当, 最も, 正しい, 正確, 的確, 良い, 適切, 適当, 適正
Fair free from favoritism or self-interest or bias or deception
Synonyms: フェア, きんぴら, 公平, 公明, 公明正大, 公正, 厳正, 平等, 正しい, 正当
Truthful expressing or given to expressing the truth
Synonyms: 正しい, 正直
Just used especially of what is legally or ethically right or proper or fitting
Synonyms: まとも, フェア, 公明, 公明正大, 公正, 正しい, 正当, 良い, 適正
Precise sharply exact or accurate or delimited
Synonyms: 正しい, 正確, 精確
Proper marked by suitability or rightness or appropriateness
Synonyms: よろしい, 似つかわしい, 似合わしい, 剴切, 妥当, 正しい, 相応, 適す, 適した, 適する, 適切, 適当, 適正
Correct socially right or correct
Synonyms: いい, いい, よろしい, 正しい, 良い, 適切, 適当, 適正
Correct in accord with accepted standards of usage or procedure
Synonyms: 正しい, 正確
Right in conformance with justice or law or morality
Synonyms: いい, いい, よろしい, 公正, 正しい, 良い, 適切, 適当, 適正
Righteous characterized by or proceeding from accepted standards of morality or justice
Synonyms: まっすぐ, 正しい
Upright of moral excellence
Synonyms: いい, いい, まとも, よろしい, 公明正大, 廉潔, 廉直, 正しい, 清廉, 清潔, 潔い, 良い
Right in or into a satisfactory condition
Synonyms: 正しい
Square characterized by honesty and fairness
Synonyms: まとも, 公明正大, 正しい, 真面目, 真面目
Truthful conforming to truth
Synonyms: 正しい
Reliable worthy of being depended on
Synonyms: ひた, まっすぐ, , 堅実, 堅気, 実らしい, 実体, 実体, 実直, 廉潔, 廉直, 律儀, 手堅い, 正しい, 正直, 清廉, 清潔, 潔癖, 物堅い, , , , , , , 真正直, 真率, 真直ぐ, 真面目, 真面目, 着実, 硬い, 確か, 篤実, 良心的, 誠実, 謹直, 貞実, 頼もしい
On The Button just as it should be
Synonyms: さよう, まさに, まさしく, ドンピシャ, 正しい, 正しく
Really used as intensifiers
Synonyms: いと, いと, ごく, そう, そう, とと, あまり, いっそ, いとも, いとも, ずんと, とても, よほど, ありあり, いかにも, おおきに, さばかり, すこぶる, ずいぶん, たいして, たいそう, たっぷり, つくづく, どうにも, はなはだ, まさしく, めっきり, よっぽど, それはそれは, 世にも, 事実, 余る, 大いに, 大変, , , , , その実, 実に, 実は, 実際に, 思い切り, 思い切る, 悉皆, , , 最も, 本当, 本当に, 果たて, 根から, 根っから, , 極めて, 極める, 正しい, 正しく, 正身, 決める, 現に, 痛い, , , 真実, 結構, 至極, 良い, , 誠に, 重々, 非常に
Unquestionably without question and beyond doubt
Synonyms: きっと, しかと, まさに, まさしく, 定めし, 必ず, 必ずや, 必定, 断じて, 断じる, 断ずる, 明確, 是非, 正しい, 正しく, 確かに, 誓う, 誓って
Really in accordance with truth or fact or reality
Synonyms: さも, とと, しかも, いかにも, どうにも, まさしく, まったく, 事実, 全い, , , , 実に, 実際, 実際に, 悉皆, , 本当, 本当に, 正しい, 正しく, 正身, 現に, 現実, , , 真実, 純粋, , 誠に
Undoubtedly without doubt
Synonyms: まさしく, 正しい, 正しく
Right in accordance with moral or social standards
Synonyms: まさしく, 正しい, 正しく
Manifestly unmistakably
Synonyms: さも, しかも, いかにも, どうにも, まさしく, あからさま, 明白, 正しい, 正しく, 歴々, 歴然, 現然, 見るから
Right in an accurate manner
Synonyms: まさに, しゃんと, ちょうど, まさしく, 正しい, 正しく, 正確
Precisely in a precise manner
Synonyms: しかと, ずばり, まさに, きちっと, きちんと, きっちり, ちゃんと, ちょうど, ぴたっと, ぴったり, まさしく, ドンピシャ, 正しい, 正しく, 正確
Just indicating exactness or preciseness
Synonyms: しかと, ずばり, まさに, かっきり, かっちり, きちっと, きちんと, きっかり, きっちり, ちゃんと, ちょうど, ぴたっと, ぴったり, まさしく, ちょっきり, ドンピシャ, きちんきちん, 正しい, 正しく, 正確
Right anything in accord with principles of justice
Synonyms: 正しい
Righteousness adhering to moral principles
Synonyms: 正しい
Correct especially conforming to fact or truth
Synonyms: 本当, 正しい, 正確, 的確, 確か, 精確
Fair conforming with established standards or rules
Synonyms: フェア, きんぴら, 公平, 公明, 公明正大, 公正, 厳正, 平等, 正しい, 正当
Exact strictly correct
Synonyms: 正しい, 正確, 確か, 精確
Appropriateness doing the right thing
Synonyms: 正しい
Undoubtedly certainly
Synonyms: まさしく, 正しい, 正しく

Meanings for each kanji in 正しい

» correct; justice; righteous; 10**40

Categories 正しい is a member of

Correctitude correct or appropriate behavior
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Morality concern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong
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Justice the quality of being just or fair
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Quality an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone
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Conformity correspondence in form or appearance
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Stroke Order Diagrams for 正しい

Conjugations for 正しい

Adjective stem
Negative te-form
Adverbial Form
Plain Form
Present Indicative Form
Present Indicative Negative Form
Past Indicative Form
Past Indicative Negative Form
Provisional Form
Present Indicative Form
Present Indicative Negative Form
Present Indicative Negative Colloquial Form
Conditional Form
Present Indicative Form
Present Indicative Negative Form
Nominalized Form
Objective Form

Sample Sentences for 正しい

Though he is young, he is quite polite.
We all know he was right after all.
I think your answer is correct.
Granted that you are right, we still have to persuade him first.
His guess turned out to be right.

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