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I may be antisocial, but it doesn't mean I don't talk to people.
The world doesn't revolve around you.
That's just standard practise, it's not like they're cutting corners.
However, it seems that just because it's a 'low risk day' doesn't mean that you won't get pregnant from intravaginal ejaculation.
Just because people are corporeal born to this world doesn't mean that they understand everything about it, similarly just because somebody's died doesn't mean that they understand everything about the incorporeal world.
It's not as if he can't run fast.
It's not that he can't run fast.
Of course you can't say that it's worth nothing because it isn't perfect, so that doesn't mean that GTD is useless.
"We've got taller so they don't fit." "Right, it's certainly not that we've got fat!" "The useful phrase 'grown up' is our trump card."
I don't always get up early.
It's not as if just anybody can write a literary gem.
Since they didn't tie the knot following a grand love affair, it wasn't a matter of blind love.
War isn't something to be done lightly, also changing the constitution isn't something that should be done because "I just really want to go to war".
It isn't as if a child learning to talk studies.
I don't like both of them.
I do not like both of them.
Both my parents are not alive.
Not both of my parents disagree to my plan.
Both of my parents are not strict with me.
The end does not always justify the means.

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