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I'm so dumb... I'm trying to explain things to you that I don't understand myself.
To be surprised, to wonder, is to begin to understand.
If you don't understand something, it's because you aren't aware of its context.
Women - why do they want to go to toilet in groups? I don't get it at all.
Just because people are corporeal born to this world doesn't mean that they understand everything about it, similarly just because somebody's died doesn't mean that they understand everything about the incorporeal world.
Understanding parts-of-speech is extremely important for getting the feel of word order.
As cultural exchange continued between the two countries, their mutual understanding became even deeper.
However you could say that being found hard to understand by the common folk for one's genius is fate.
Obviously the teacher can understand both English and French.
You just have to understand what sort of thing the suffix '-osity' is.
He's just a normal junior high school student, not particularly intelligent.
Mountain fires are thought of causing little harm with the only damage being the burning of trees and shrubs, but actually there's a hell of a 'hidden character'.
I don't expect him to understand my innermost thoughts but I wonder what I can do to get him to hold an interest.
Businesses perceive as competitors a narrow range of the business world; there are many cases where they don't understand their real rivals.
You're considerate, but don't you think you should work a little more at understanding the subtleties of the human mind?
Our aim is that, when planning classes, we know how to select stimulating material for the students and how to put it into use.
I also need to get people to understand the real me! My forceful behaviour is one way I try to do this!
Truthfully, at that time, I didn't have the first idea about such talk: family links, blood relations or whatever.
I know you're at an age where sexual desire flourishes and you want to do 'you-know-what' with 'that' but ... well sit down there.
In recent years, with a method called VLBI that uses quasar observations, and by GPS we have begun to understand the absolute movement of tectonic plates.

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