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Stroke Order Diagram for 速い

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i adjective

Alternate Written Forms:


English Meaning(s) for 速い

i adjective
  1. fast; quick; hasty; brisk (esp. 速い, 疾い, 捷い)
  2. early (in the day, etc.); premature (esp. 早い)
  3. (too) soon; not yet; (too) early (esp. 早い)
  4. easy; simple; quick (esp. 早い)

Definition and Synonyms for 速い

Fast (of surfaces) conducive to rapid speeds
Synonyms: 早い
Presto suddenly
Synonyms: すぐに, たちまち, 早い, 早く
Chop-Chop with rapid movements
Synonyms: つと, さっと, すっと, ついと, つっと, ばっと, パッと, きびきび, するする, たちまち, ちゃっと, とっとと, ぱっぱと, みるみる, キリキリ, ちょこちょこ, 大至急, 早々, 早々, 早々, 早い, 早う, 早く, 早速, 疾く, 素早い, 至急, 見る間に, 迅速, 逸早く
Swiftly in a swift manner
Synonyms: つっと, するする, とっとと, 早い, 疾く
Fast quickly or rapidly
Synonyms: さっと, とっとと, どんどん, みるみる, 早々, 早々, 早々, 早い, 早う, 早く, 疾く
Spry moving quickly and lightly
Synonyms: はしっこい, すばしっこい, 敏捷, 早い, 機敏, 素早い
Early at or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events or before the usual or expected time
Synonyms: 早い, 早め, 早める
Expeditious marked by speed and efficiency
Synonyms: 早い
Fast acting or moving or capable of acting or moving quickly
Synonyms: 早い
Fleet moving very fast
Synonyms: 早い, 神速
Quick accomplished rapidly and without delay
Synonyms: スピーディー, 手ばしこい, 手早い, 敏速, 早い, 機敏, 素早い, 迅速, 速やか
Rapid done or occurring in a brief period of time
Synonyms: , 急激, 急速, トントン拍子, 早い, 迅速, 速やか, 飛躍的
Speedy characterized by speed
Synonyms: スピーディー, 快速, , 急激, 急速, 手っ取り早い, 早い, 早め, 早める, 神速, 簡捷, 迅速, 速やか
Quick with little or no delay
Synonyms: すぐ, すぐさま, たちまち, とっとと, 大至急, 早々, 早々, 早々, 早い, 早う, 早く, 早いとこ, 早速, 猶予なく, 疾く疾く, 直様, 素早い, 至急, 迅速, 逸早く
Fast at a rapid tempo
Synonyms: 早い
Early very young
Synonyms: 早い
Speedy moving with or capable of moving with high speed
Synonyms: スピーディー, 快速, , 急激, 急速, 手っ取り早い, 早い, 早め, 早める, 神速, 簡捷, 迅速, 速やか

Meanings for each kanji in 速い

quick; fast Kanji Details »

Stroke Order Diagrams for 速い

Conjugations for 速い

Negative te-form
Adverbial Form
Plain Form
Present Indicative Form
Present Indicative Negative Form
Past Indicative Form
Past Indicative Negative Form
Provisional Form
Present Indicative Form
Present Indicative Negative Form
Present Indicative Negative Colloquial Form
Conditional Form
Present Indicative Form
Present Indicative Negative Form

Sample Sentences for 速い

He did his best but soon saw that he could not compete with such a fast runner.
He is a quick walker.
How fast the plane is!
The child is learning quickly.
Tom's a beginner, but he catches on fast.

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速く走る(to run fast)、足が速い(a fast runner)、速く泳げる(can swim fast)、速球(fastball)

早く起きる(wake up early)、早く寝た(went to bed early)、早く来た(came early)、朝早く(early in the morning)、早目(doing something early)


#3 Posted by lovegarden over 7 years ago

Japanese probably use them interchangeably, but 早い is more for early and 速い is more referring to fast speed.

#2 Posted by lovegarden over 7 years ago

hi.. is it okay to use "早い" instead of "速い"  when we want to say "fast"??  interchanging the use of these two is okay?? :)

#1 Posted by Reijoi over 7 years ago

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