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Our Ramen Journey Begins!

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Our Ramen Journey Begins!

Posted by flint over 1 year ago

The Ramen Phenomenon

If you have made it to this page, thank you for joining us.  This will be just a short introduction on what to expect from this blog, hopefully there will be enough here to interest you to follow this blog as I continue to post in the coming months on something I am extremely passionate on, Ramen!

Ramen truly is a cultural phenomenon.  In Japan there is over 24,000 ramen shops, with more 5,000 shops in Tokyo alone, numerous magazines guides, and tv series to help you find the best ramen places, with different regions of Japan developing their own specialised flavours.  Worldwide over 100 billion servings of instant ramen are slurped down every year!

In this blog, we will explore the history of ramen and learn some Japanese words and phrases related to ramen, learn how to order ramen at a Japanese restaurant, all in a fun and educational way.  We will look at some of the cultural trends with ramen and understand the regional differences and flavours of ramen.  We will even make some ramen!  Most importantly though, we will eat lots and lots of ramen.

If that doesn't get your mouth salivating, then browse through the following photos of this most delicous subject all taken at various ramen shops with Japan.  How many can you recognise?


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