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One Piece Thread - ワンピースをみて勉強しよう

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One Piece Thread - ワンピースをみて勉強しよう

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20 Nov, 2021
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Please don't be put off by my study log. Talk about OP here if you want, I don't mind spoilers.


ONE PIECE』|集英社『週刊少年ジャンプ』公式サイト


Edit - I feel like I should actually talk about the anime! Other than the studying.


I'm watching this for the first time - 20 years late for the bandwagon, but better late than never.


The show's fun to watch and this story so far is quite safe/comfortable - by this I mean, the good guys always win, nobody dies (except for the one in this arc I guess). Doesn't matter how much anyone gets injured, they forget about it 5 minutes later and they can keep fighting!


I like Luffy's character a lot - which surprised me because (before watching the show) I've always thought of him as this silly guy that does crazy things. He acts like an idiot most of the time but there's a lot going on under his ADHD silly behaviour. 


At first he seems totally random and reckless. But you learn that it's because he's a free spirit and just wants to enjoy every moment without fear of danger or death. If he dies, he'll die doing what he loves. I guess rushing into situations and winging everything is his go-to strategy, and he gets lucky every time.


The best thing, though, is his philosophy about people. He's always trusting and upbeat, partly because he's got pretty good instincts and can sense people's mood/feelings. It really struck me in the arc where they went to Nami's hometown. Her sister wanted to tell everyone her backstory to explain what made her that way, and Luffy just goes "I don't care" and walks off. He doesn't need to know the details of people's past to trust them.


Also the arc with the whale where he talked to the whale at the end. He somehow knows how to inspire people and give them hope.


He doesn't hesitate to help people he cares about, and that definitely determines the culture and the actions of the whole group. The others probably wouldn't have thought about it as much, but under Luffy's leadership they've all become more empathetic and more connected.


And Chopper is awesome. He's like the little brother of the group. Gullible and likes to jump on the bandwagon when other people say things. Zoro and Robin kind of look after him which is super cute :3



So, I'm watching One Piece to learn Japanese...


And it's really, really hard!



They don't speak clearly like in most other shows or videos.


Especially Usopp, I'd be happy if I could understand even 50%.



I'm trying to practice listening by watching it without subs, and reading the subs only when I have trouble understanding it.


And then I look up all the words and phrases/idioms that show up and write them down.


Whenever I can't understand stuff, I work it out somehow - from repeated listening + English subs + using the input suggestions.


It's heaps hard but also fun.



Chopper uses words for various body parts and medical stuff.


Cooking terms from Sanji obv, also polite sayings that he says ironically sometimes.


Nami with weather forcasts.


Zoro, I guess Japanese cultural stuff and words from bushido and sword fighters.


Learn slang from Usopp when I can figure out what he's saying.


Luffy... rarely uses difficult words, but constantly hard to understand cause he's always yelling.


Villains use various words with difficult kanji.



I guess the other difficult part is all the kanji that are different but sound the same.


But when I input the kana and match it with the English subs, I can mostly pick out which one's the right one from the list that comes up in the search.


And there are like 1000 episodes so I won't run out of material for quite awhile.



Anyone else tried learning Japanese from anime/manga?

アニメやマンガで日本語を勉強している方, 他にいますか?

Word lists《四字熟語慣用語擬音擬態語複合動詞》in progress.

#1 Posted by popp about 1 month ago
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OK I might as well log some of the stuff here (for posterity).


Please note - I write these down from listening to the video, so I probably get the kanji wrong sometimes.




Episode 304: I Can't Protect Anyone Unless I Win! Third Gear Activated


決死(の), 衛生兵現状把握情け容赦(なく), 業火矛盾(している), 満身創痍走らす戦慄極限運ぶ第一(に)





  • [漏れなくすべてを焼き尽くすの] は我々の任務。
  • この橋を軍艦が素通りだ。
  • 情け容赦なく無差別砲撃。
  • 妙に赤みを帯びた体。
  • 常人の体ならば、[心臓が張り裂けるほどの血圧] 内臓も血管も [すべてがゴムならば] 耐えられる。
  • 身体能力は確かに [極限以上にも跳ね上がるものの、[貴様の体力そのもの] がその強化に耐えかねる
  • 足をポンプにして血の流れを加速させている
  • この海水が勢い良く通路へとなだれ込み、そこにいる者たちが確実に溺れる。
  • 第一に言っていることは矛盾している 第一:above all; besides; in any case; to begin with 
  • 満身創痍と言っても過言ではない。
  • 何があろうと、進むだけさ。
  • なんてイカれた光景だ。
  • 通路に誰かがいようがいまいが、ここに来る道が断たれた
  • どんな目に遭っていようと、あいつらは必ず生き残る。
  • 何もうまく運んでやしない 運ぶ:to go (well, etc.); to proceed; to progress 
  • [この繊細にして慎重] な私が、感じるところは恐らくこの音が…
  • お前はとうてい、[俺と善戦できるレベル] ではなさそうだ
  • [骨のある男に会えた] かと思えば期待外れ
  • 正義が悪に屈服することなどない。 など:the likes of (lessening the significance or value of the previous word) 
  • [守るべきものを守れない] 兵士がいたとすれば、それだけで罪なのだ

Cannot guarantee for any of my transcriptions being correct. I do it by rewinding & listening multiple times and checking with the English subs.

I write down (very awkward) transliterations for the sentences so that I can practice by looking at the English and trying to translate it back to Japanese. 

I break it down into clauses and mark them in the English sentences as a guide, but it's still hard. And I write down hints for the verbs, like "passive" or "causative"; sometimes it helps to identify the subject of the sentence or clause. Plz let me know if I marked things incorrectly?

I do this instead of using textbooks cause I don't want to feel like I'm studying. Plus the quotes sound hilarious out of context. Too bad it's got such a high bar of entry, a lot of the kanji are like JLPT1. Most other anime are easier than One Piece though.


気に入りの単語 / Favourite words:

(地獄の) 業火/じごく・の・ごうか (n. hellfire)
満身創痍/まんしん・そうい (n. wounded all over the body)
戦慄/せんりつ (n.; する v. shudder with fear)

Word lists《四字熟語慣用語擬音擬態語複合動詞》in progress.

#2 Posted by popp about 1 month ago
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Episode 305 - Shivering Past! Dark Justice and Rob Lucci


This one has more vocab but not as many unfamiliar grammar structures/expressions.


機関士 (きかんし) - engineer

耳障り (みみざわり) - offensive to the ear

かねがね (兼々) - for quite awhile

耳にする (みみ・に・する) - catch word of

 かねがね 耳にしております。I heard it awhile ago

心ならずも (こころ・ならずも) - against one's will

 [  命を懸けて  戦い、心ならずも人質となった] 兵士たちも我が民。The soldiers [who fought  with their lives on the line  and unwillingly became hostages] are our people too. 

近衛 (このえ) - imperial guards (seriously? このえ???)

もってする (以てする) - do by using

 [王国軍本体並びに、近衛部隊の力]をもってすれば、あんな海賊どもなどを恐れることはない。If we use [the strength of the kingdom's main military as well as the imperial guard], we won't be afraid of such pirates. 

徹底抗戦 (てってい・こうせん) - resistance to the bitter end

 王国は海賊たちに対し、徹底抗戦  の構え  を見せている。The kingdom is  poised  for a do-or-die battle against the pirates. 

玉座 (ぎょくざ) - throne

 この玉座を奪われたとしても、取り戻すことはできよう。Even if the throne was taken, it should be possible to get it back. 

そうはいかない - not a chance; that's not going to happen

 だが人の命はそうはいかない。However, that's not possible with human lives. 

手も足も出ない (ても・あしも・でない) - feeling handcuffed, can't do a thing

派遣 (はけん) - dispatch, deploy

 [人質  を思う、あまり手も足も出せず] 降伏寸前の王国に、世界政府は少年一人を派遣した。The world government dispatched a boy to the kingdom that—[  considering  the hostages—couldn't do a thing] and was on the verge of surrendering. 

使者 (ししゃ) - emissary

占領する (せんりょう) - military occupation

 西の港を占領して、アジトにしている。They occupied the western port and are using it as a hideout. 

くれぐれも - sincerely, earnestly

最優先する (さい・ゆうせん) - top priority

 くれぐれも人質の命を最優先するように頼む。I sincerely ask you to give top priority to the lives of the hostages. 

威圧感 (いあつ・かん) - intimidating air

飲み食いする (のみくい) - eating and drinking

格別 (かくべつ) - particularly, exceptionally

今日の酒は格別においしい。Today's sake is exceptionally delicious. 

やるじゃないか - not bad, pretty good

 なかなかやるじゃないか。Not bad at all. 

人手不足 (ひとで・ぶそく) - shortage of workers

 よっぽど政府は人手不足のようだ。The government seems to be very understaffed

放り込む (ほうりこむ) - toss into

牢屋 (ろうや) - jailhouse

 牢屋放り込むToss them into the jailhouse

背を向ける (せ・を・むける) - to turn one's back on

 死体の山で背を向ける少年に  砲弾を浴びせた 。They  rained cannons  on the boy on the pile of corpses with his back turned

爆煙 (ばくえん) - fumes from an explosion

首を取る (くびをとる) - to depose, topple

 だが少年は爆煙の中から立ち上がり、海賊のかしらの首を取って、たった一人でこの  一件を収めた 。But the boy stood up from within the explosion's smoke, deposed the leader of the pirates, and  brought the case to a close  all on his own. 

天職 (てんしょく) - sacred task

 [闇の正義を天職とする] CP9の歴史上最も強く冷徹な殺戮兵器  と人は言う  People say  he is the strongest and most cold-blooded weapon of slaughter in the history of CP9, [who makes justice from the shadows their sacred task]. 

怪鳥 (かいちょう) - mysterious bird

~ (ぶん) - just as much as, in proportion to

 パワーが増す分 スピードは落ちる  ようだ。It seems that the speed decreases  (speed falls)  as the power increases

切れ込み (きれこみ) - notch, cut

 鉄の外板に切れ込みが入っている。There's a notch on the outer iron panel. 


復習 / Revision:

It's transitive so I guess the subject is actually the people who did the 固める (reinforcing the walls with steel). Instead of using the passive form 固められている?











気に入りの単語 / Favourite word:

天職 (てんしょく) - one's true calling, sacred task, life mission

天 heavens; sky; imperial
職 post; employment; work

It's just so epic.

Word lists《四字熟語慣用語擬音擬態語複合動詞》in progress.

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Episode 306: A Mysterious Mermaid Appears? As Consciousness Fades Away...

* Old way of writing 現れる / あらわれる, prob not used now


口を開く (くちをひらく) - open one's mouth & talk

 ごちゃごちゃうるさく口を開くな。Shut your stupid mouth

力負けする (ちからまけ) - losing by being overmatched

胸がすく (むねがすく) - to feel relieved, satisfied; getting something off one's chest

 胸のすく思いだ。That's a relieving thought. 

思いを遂げる (おもいをとげる) - achieve one's aims

 あいつらのおかげで、俺は思いを遂げた。Thanks to them, I've attained my desires

狙い定める (ねらいをさだめる) - take aim at target

部署 (ぶしょ) - department

顔写真 (かおじゃしん) - photo ID

 [所属部隊及び部署、マリンコード、顔写真] を紹介し軍艦へ乗り込め。Introduce [your unit and department, marine code and photo ID], and board the warship. 

甘んじる (あまんじる) - be content

 甘んじて受けるべきだ。You should take it and be satisfied

溺死する (できし) - drown to death (でき?? Onyomi for 溺れる/おぼれる, okay cool)

優雅な (ゆうが) - graceful, elegant

尾鰭 (おひれ) - tail (caudal) fin

にて - in; alternative written form of で

 海にて溺れる船乗り数人、薄れ行く意識の中で見る優雅尾鰭。A few sailors drowning in the sea; an elegant tail fin seen in fading consciousness. 

ジュゴン (儒艮) - dugong (I can't believe there's kanji for dugong, but actually 艮 looks a bit like a dugong)


Lots of revision.

If anyone spots mistakes or incorrect marking of clauses or punctuation, plz let me know? Thanks ♥

どっか間違えられたら、それとも正しくない関係節の区切りか句読などがあったら、教えてもらえないか。どうも ♥


一分ぐらい膨らんでいたから、たぶん一分ぐらい縮んだ まま だ。

I inflated for about a minute, so I'll probably  stay  shrunken for about a minute.


Third gear is a very interesting idea and it's strong, but the kickback's a worry hey.

お前は、[お前ら凡人どもを日々守ってやっている世界政府] よりも、その [オハラの血を引く 物騒な] 女を信用するのか。

Do you trust the [dangerous] woman [descended from Ohara] more than the world government, [who protects you ordinary people, day after day] ?

後々抵抗できないように、[今油断しているニコロビン] に致命傷を与える。

Inflict fatal wounds on [Nico Robin, who is unprepared right now] so she won't be able to resist later.


A government-owned judicial island.


Whatever it takes, I wanted to get Tom back.

{ [エニエスロビー不落の] 神話 を知る者たちの、世界政府の強大さを知る者たちの、その}  常識を  麦わらたちがことごとく  覆し  進む。

{People who know of the legend [of the impregnable Enies Lobby]; people who know of the mighty world government}; the straw hat guys completely  overturn  all this  common knowledge  and keep on going.


For one single comrade, no one hesitates to make the world their enemies.

[あの役人のバカ面が 頭をよぎる**]  たびに 、[いつかやつをひねり潰してやりたい] と願っていた。
**I think they used present tense here because it's a recurring thing, even though he's talking about the past. It's weird how they change tenses in the same sentence.

 Every time  [that government guy's stupid face crossed my mind], I wished [I could crush him one day].

俺は昔一度死んだ男。[麦わらたちが生きてここを出る] ためなら、この命を投げても構わない

I'm a guy who died once, in the past. If it's to get [the straws hat guys to leave here alive], I don't mind throwing my life away.


Run, and don't look back.


If that is in exchange for the power from earlier...


My body's being dragged by something.


As I look up - long hair swaying in the sea.

その [姿美しく、夢や幻を見るかのような] 人魚伝説。

The legend of the mermaid, [with the beautiful figure, as if you're having a dream or an illusion].


I practice speaking by saying the sentences out loud (trying to look at it as little as possible) several times until I can say it smoothly without tripping up at like every second word. It's harder than tongue twisters because I keep having to pause to remember how to read every kanji D:


気に入りの単語 / Favourite word:

溺死 (でき・し) - drown to death

溺 (おぼれる) - drown
死 (しぬ) - death

「できし」just sounds funny to me, I don't know why.

Word lists《四字熟語慣用語擬音擬態語複合動詞》in progress.

#4 Posted by popp about 1 month ago
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Episode 307 – Cannon Fire Sinks the Island! Franky's Cry of Lamentation


Nothing too confusing in this one, mostly vocab.


仮死・状態 (かし・じょうたい) - state of suspended animation


 Everyone was in a state of suspended animation, so they didn't have to swallow too much water. 

しでかす (仕出かす) - make a terrible mess of

あの時はまさか、お前らがこんな事をしでかすなんて、 考えもしなかった

 At that time, no way I would have thought you guys would make this much of a mess

異議あり (いぎ・あり) - objection!


 I also object

均整 (きんせい) - balance, proportion

滑らか (なめらか) - smooth, velvety

光り輝く (ひかり・かがやく) - shimmer, glitter, sparkle


 Well-proportioned sexy body, smooth and pale skin, beautiful hair shimmering as if it's flowing. 

二股 (ふたまた) - bifurcation, parting 2 ways

~をに (さかい) - at the turning point of ~

人魚というのは、 年の頃三十を境に  尾鰭が二股になって、陸上生活のできる体になる神秘な種族。

 When it comes to mermaids, they're a mysterious species whose tail fin parts into two at around the age of 30, making their bodies able to live on land. 

戦塵 (せんじん) - battle dust


 There's still battle dust rising up from the top level of the first column on this bridge. 

~ にくる - affect/be hard on ~


 Your legs are being affected after all. 

至難の業 (しなん・の・わざ) - Herculean task, almost impossible

 ここを抜ける  のは至難の業だぞ。

 It'll be next to impossible to get out of here. 

収容する (しゅうよう) - reception, admission, custody


 Completed the admission of marines and officials. 

承知する (しょうち) - accept, acknowledge


 I won't accept it if you die. (Don't you die on me!) 



 You can only call it a miracle. 

[軍艦の群れがいつこっちを向いても、逃げ道を失わない] ように、俺たちはここでルフィーを待つ。

 We wait here for Luffy, so that [no matter when the hordes of warships come towards us, we won't lose our escape route]. 


 That proves just how much they're scared of us. 


気に入りの単語 / Favourite word:

戦塵 (せん・じん) - battle dust

戦 (たたかう) - battle
塵 (ちり) - dust

Word lists《四字熟語慣用語擬音擬態語複合動詞》in progress.

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Some action episodes towards the end of Enies Lobby arc, I lost track. 308-312 or something.


308 ルフィーを待て!ためらいの橋の死闘 Wait for Luffy! Mortal Combat on the Bridge of Hesitation

309 拳に込めた想い!ルフィー渾身の銃乱打(ガトリング) Fists Full of Emotion! Luffy Unleashes Gatling with All His Might

310 友、海より来る!麦わら一味最強の From the Sea, a Friend Arrives! The Straw Hat Gang Shares the Strongest Bond

311 全員大脱出!勝者の道は海賊のために Everyone Makes a Great Escape! The Road to Victory is for the Pirates

312 ありがとうメリー!雪に煙る別れの海 Thank you, Merry! Snow Falls Over the Parting Sea


総員 (そういん) - all members

飛び道具 (とびどうぐ) - projectile weapons

飛び道具対決で行こうか。Let's go with a missile showdown.

(まさかり) - broadaxe, battle axe

渾身の (こんしん) - (exerting) one's whole body

感電する (かんでん) - get an electric shock

落雷の際には感電にご注意ください。Beware of electric shock in the event of a lightning strike.

警護する (けいご) - escort, guard

この場を警護するのは俺たちの任務だぞ。Guarding this place is our mission.

縄梯子 (なわばしご) - rope ladder

確かに縄ばしごが降りてきたのに、誰もいないみたいなんだ。I'm sure the rope ladder came down, but it seems like no one is here.

開閉する (かいへい) - opening & closing


The gate's opening and closing lever is at the third pillar of the Bridge of Hesitation, so we can't do anything.


The ocean currents that were blocked by the gate create a whirlpool, and the helm is taken (i.e. lost to it).


We're trapped by the whirlpool and it's taking us every effort to not sink.

増援する (ぞうえん) - reinforcement

威信 (いしん) - prestige, dignity

~所存であります (しょぞん) - intention to~


Even if it's on the prestige of the world government, we'll take down the straw hat pirate group, and I certainly intend to bring with us the most imortant criminal, Nico Robin.

一目瞭然 (いちもくりょうぜん) - apparent, obvious at a glance


Using the national-class force Buster Call, furthermore, with the fleet's blunder and the state of Enies Lobby - the symbol of the law - it's already obvious.

決別する (けつべつ) - farewell, separation

ずらかる - escape, skedaddle



We're in serious trouble.


No matter how many of you band together and come at me, don't think you can beat me.


The morale is not less than even the colonels.


I can't make a bad move.


The day when you regret taking in a troublesome woman isn't too far away.


Catch the wind from starboard and head east!


The cannons aimed this way are imperssive.


Everything's all over.

Word lists《四字熟語慣用語擬音擬態語複合動詞》in progress.

#6 Posted by popp about 1 month ago

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