What's New

What's New! - 6th of November 2016

  • Writing practice games should now work on Android systems
  • Matched conjugations now show on the search results page
  • Recently changed lists now show in the sidebar when viewing your lists from your profile
  • Recent searches now show in the sidebar when adding vocabulary or kanji to a list

What's New! - 3rd of April 2016

  • Suffixes are now returned when searching the dictionary.  ie, searching for tabenagara will return entries for both taberu and nagara.

What's New! - 18th of March 2016

  • New Vocabulary Practice Game, Arrange Sentences!  Listen to sentences and arrange the words in the correct order.
  • You can skip questions now in the Fill in the Blanks game (helpful for the really long sentences).

What's New! - 27th of February 2016

  • Fixed an issue where the voice was slowing down for long sentences.
  • The audio should work now for both iOS and Android systems.

What's New! - 6th of February 2016

  • Change the text to audio system to use open jtalk.
  • Text to audio now only works if you are logged in.
  • Remove the Hiragana and Katakana audio games as the sound isn't clear enough.
  • Add audio to the sample sentences.

What's New! - 8th of January 2016

  • Advanced searching of sample sentences, see the Search Sample Sentences page for more details.
  • Improvements to how sentences are split into words (there still is some issues though).
  • Bug fixes to the Fill in the Gaps game.

What's New! - 20th of November 2015

  • The Matching Furigana and Matching Kanji games now show the English meaning after the correct answer is selected
  • The Matching English Meaning game now hides the furigana for kanji that you know when the question is asked, and then reveals it after the correct answer is selected
  • The Fill in the Gaps game will now use the vocabulary filter that you selected
  • Improvements to the practice results screen when playing multi-games

What's New! - 11th of October 2015

  • Rename the Word Recognition kanji game to Kanji Readings.
  • Added a Multi-Game option, with this option you can thoroughly test yourself for each question across multiple games.
  • Added an Advanced Filter option for vocabulary games so that you can challenge yourself playing with only verbs, adjectives, onomatopoea etc.
  • Redesigned the Game results screen for the Single game option so you can quickly switch between games.
  • Many other minor improvements to the game options screens.
  • If you notice any bugs, or errors showing, please post here and I'll fix them.  Thanks!

What's New! - 20th of September 2015

  • Improvements to the kanji writing games (better performance and improved character recognition).

What's New! - 30th of August 2015

  • Practice games now show the sentences that you were asked in the results.
  • Improvements to how the sample sentence details page is displayed.
  • Improvements to how the sample sentences have been split into words.

What's New! - 8th of May 2015

What's New! - 11th of April 2015

  • Fixed issue with Fill in the Blanks game not showing all results on the results page.

What's New! - 6th of April 2015

  • Word Recognition practice game now shows the english meaning of the word after the correct answer is entered.
  • Matching Japanese practice game now shows the furigana for kanji that is not in your learning list.
  • Practice results page shows more details in the results.

What's New! - 12th of October 2014

  • Add most of the remaining conjugations for verbs.
  • Sample sentences are now being shown for dictionary entries.
  • New practice game, Fill in the Blanks.  This new practice game shows a sample sentence with the words you are studying removed.  A great new game which will help both expand your vocabulary and give valuable grammar practice.

What's New! - 6th of October 2014

  • Improvement to how words which are written usually in kana are displayed.

What's New! - 6th of September 2014

  • Added new practice game, Kanji Recognition!

What's New! - 30th of August 2014

  • You may now play a different practice game with the same set of questions.
  • Writing practice games now give feedback on whether you have drawn the character in the correct stroke order.
  • Dictionary entries are now grouped into categories.

What's New! - 21st of April 2014

  • Synonyms now show for entries which contain a Japanese definition..

What's New! - 18th of April 2014

  • Japanese definitions (with English translations) are now available for most of the dictionary entries.

What's New! - 5th of March 2014

  • You may now quickly find kanji that is used in the vocabulary of your list by selecting "Kanji from Vocabulary" on the Add Kanji screen.

What's New! - 8th of February 2014

  • Improvements to the way questions are selected when you play a practice game.

What's New! - 2nd of February 2014

  • Highlight any Japanese word in the site and it will automatically lookup the meaning in the dictionary for you.  Give it a try!

What's New! - 16th of January 2014

  • The details page for a dictionary entry now include the meaning for each individual kanji used in the word.
  • The details page for a kanji now include the radicals used in the kanji.

What's New! - 15th of January 2014

  • When searching in the dictionary, if you enter a * it will match any number of characters.
  • If you enter a . it will match exactly one character

What's New! - 12th of January 2014

  • You can now watch threads and topics in the forum and receive email notifications when someone posts in a thread or topic you are watching.
  • You can customise the frequency of emails that you receive in the "Your Notifications" section under Profile.
  • New messages since your last visit are highlighted with a "New" icon in the forum.
  • The forum topics have been reorganised to promote more discussion.
  • Many other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

What's New! - 2nd of December 2013

  • Fixed issue with 'Stay logged in' function not working after server move (unfortunately you will need to relogin and select this option).
  • Fixed issue with jpg avatars not uploading after server move.

What's New! - 1st of December 2013

  • We've moved to a new server and upgraded to new versions of all sofware. This should be more a more powerful and stable environment, but if you notice any problems please send details via the contact us form, or post in the forum, thanks!

What's New! - 2nd of November 2013

  • New Feature, Your Lists!
  • Added a new feature that allows users to create their own lists of vocabulary and kanji which can be used in the practice games. Lists may be set to be public so that you may share your lists with other users, or follow lists that other users have created
  • Minor changes include:
  • Visual improvements to how many of the pages are displayed, in particular to the lesson pages and your learning and mastered lists
  • Added the ability to add forum comments to entries in the Kanji Dictionary
  • Added next and previous buttons to the multi-word search results page for easier navigation
  • The display of romaji will now be sticky between sessions
  • Fixed a bug on the browse dictionary pages which was preventing all words from showing
  • And many other minor bug fixes and cleanup of code

What's New! - 22nd of September 2013

  • Added the ability to search the kanji dictionary directly.

What's New! - 18th of August 2013

  • Added Vocabulary Lessons 7 to 10 for GENKI I: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese.

What's New! - 9th of July 2013

  • Added "See all recent posts".
  • Renamed Products section to Resources.

What's New! - 1st of May 2013

  • Added Kanji Lesson 2 and Vocabulary Lesson 2 for Intermediate Kanji Book, Vol. 1.

What's New! - 27th of April 2013

  • Added Vocabulary Lessons 4 to 6 for GENKI I: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese.

What's New! - 21st of April 2013

  • Added Vocabulary Lesson 3 for GENKI I: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese.
  • Improvement to how words which are written usually in kana are displayed.

What's New! - 14th of April 2013

  • Added the shiritori forum game to the practice menu.

What's New! - 13th of March 2013

  • Improved question selection algorithm to give more weighting to questions that have not been asked in a long time.

What's New! - 10th of March 2013

  • Added Kanji Lesson 1 and Vocabulary Lesson 1 for Intermediate Kanji Book, Vol. 1.
  • Added Vocabulary Lesson 1 for GENKI I: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese

What's New! - 4th of March 2013

  • Improved the interface for all dictionary pages.
  • Added comments section for dictionary entries.
  • Improved the interface for the What's New page.

What's New! - 26th of February 2013

  • Improved caching for iOS devices.

What's New! - 23rd of February 2013

  • Add administration pages for affiliates and promotions.

What's New! - 12th of February 2013

  • Changed What's New so it is replicated in the Site Announcements Section of the forum.

What's New! - 7th of February 2013

  • Added a minimum age of 14 years restriction to users that can post in the forum.

What's New! - 2nd of February 2013

  • Created the forum!

What's New! - 8th of December 2012

  • Moved What's New into Home section

What's New! - 5th of December 2012

  • Added change in score for practice games
  • Fixed button styles for iOS Safari

What's New! - 25th of November 2012

  • Added conjugations for the potential form of verbs

What's New! - 18th of November 2012

  • Redesigned the practice options page to be more user friendly

What's New! - 3rd of November 2012

  • Added the Hiragana Times to the products page
  • Added rankings page for practice games
  • Formatting of practice results
  • Added practice game summary page in profile section
  • Added detailed question results for each practice game type in profile section

What's New! - 6th of October 2012

  • Added GENKI I & II textbooks to the products page
  • Added new writing practice game for kanji

What's New! - 5th of October 2012

  • Added verb stem and tai forms to dictionary entries

What's New! - 1st of October 2012

  • Add kanji details page
  • Add your overall results to practice results page for logged in users
  • Allow list of all Kana/Kanji/Vocabulary you are learning/have mastered from the report card
  • Various minor bug fixes

What's New! - 25th of August 2012

  • Allow addition of all Kana/Kanji/Vocabulary you are learning/have mastered from the lessons pages

What's New! - 23rd of August 2012

  • Site can now be added as a web application on the iPad/iPhone (choose add to home screen from safari)
  • Text to Audio now works on iPad/iPhone.

What's New! - 18th of August 2012

  • Improved question selection for practice games for logged in users
  • Detailed results for your favourite practice games on the profile page of logged in users

What's New! - 17th of August 2012

  • Change facebook code to run asynchronously to improve page load times
  • Allow addition of Kana/Kanji/Vocabulary you are learning/have mastered from the dictionary search results and entries
  • Minor compatability fixes for the practice games on the iPad
  • Added vocabulary lessons and kanji lessons from chapters 39 and 40 of the Basic Kanji Book, Vol. 2.

What's New! - 5th of August 2012

  • Doubled the size of the drawing canvas for writing practice games
  • Strokes are shown with a red spot to indicate the start of a stroke for writing practice games
  • Added an "undo" for each stroke in the writing practice games
  • Added ipad compatibility for the writing practice games
  • Added acknowledgements page

What's New! - 21st of July 2012

  • Added ability for users to register and login to tanoshiijapanese
  • Users can add hiragana, katakana, kanji and vocabulary to their learning and mastered lists

What's New! - 17th of July 2012

  • Added transitive / intransitive pairs to the dictionary

What's New! - 10th of July 2012

  • Added vocabulary lessons from chuukyuu he ikou textbook

What's New! - 2nd of July 2012

  • Added Like button for Facebook

What's New! - 12th of May 2012

  • Added entry details page for dictionary entries
  • Added conjugation details to the entry details page
  • Merged stroke order details into the entry details page

What's New! - 28th of April 2012

  • Added vocabulary lessons and kanji lessons from chapters 23 to chapter 33 of the Basic Kanji Book, Vol. 2.
  • Fixed various grammatical errors (big thanks to Laird for proofreading the site content)

What's New! - 21st of April 2012

What's New! - 14th of April 2012

  • Added word recognition, matching furigana and matching kanji practice types for kanji practice
  • Added furigana for 97.07% of the kanji elements (176,868 Records)

What's New! - 7th of April 2012

  • Added related vocabulary to Kanji Lessons

What's New! - 31st of March 2012

  • Added practice section
  • Added affiliate links for CDJapan and Amazon UK
  • Added Show Romaji flag for dictionary
  • Added multi word search of dictionary

What's New! - 24th of March 2012

  • Added ability to browse the dictionary
  • Improvements to the dictionary search engine and display

What's New! - 17th of March 2012

  • Side menu now shows relevant content
  • Added recent dictionary searches to the side menu
  • Added the products section
  • Added the Kanji Lessons
  • Added Conjugation rules (te, plain/polite, past/present, negative forms) for godan verbs (114,912 Records)

What's New! - 10th of March 2012

  • Added Katakana Lessons
  • Added a drawing canvas for English Flashcards
  • Added stroke order diagrams for dictionary entries

What's New! - 3rd of March 2012

  • Added What's New Section
  • Added stroke order diagrams for Hiragana - sourced from KanjiVG
  • Update to layout of Hiragana Lessons
  • Added Affiliate Link for yesasia
  • Added Practice Lessons for Hiragana

What's New! - 25th of February 2012

  • Miscellaneous Layout changes
  • Layout automatically resizes on first load
  • Added Affiliate Links for Play-Asia and Amazon
  • Added new Tab for Lessons
  • Added Hiragana Lessons

What's New! - 18th of February 2012

  • Site Launched!
  • Home page added
  • Dictionary added - sourced from The EDICT Dictionary File
  • No of Dictionary Entries is 150,523
  • No of Kanji Elements is 139,542
  • No of Reading Elements is 162,477
  • Added Furigana for 66.98% of the Kanji Elements (93,470 Records)
  • Added Romaji for 99.85% of the Reading Elements (162,232 Records)
  • Added Conjugation rules (te, plain/polite, past/present, negative forms) for ichidan verbs (57,150 Records)
  • Smart Indexes for fast searching of Dictionary
  • Added Simple Search engine for Dictionary