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A blog by flint, created over 1 year ago

Christmas Stocking Stuffers, Tokyo Treat Style!

Posted by flint about 2 months ago

#TokyoTreat#Japanese Snacks#Study Aids#Christmas

Want to make Christmas Day just that extra bit special? Stuff your stockings with a snack box from Tokyo Treat and celebrate Christmas Japanese style. Word of warning, you will need one very big stocking to fit it all in!

Let's throw a study party with TokyoTreat!

Posted by flint about 3 months ago

#TokyoTreat#Japanese Snacks#Study Aids

Craving some Japanese Snacks? Read our review of the TokyoTreat snack boxes to find out how you can liven up your Japanese study sessions.

Sakuraco - The perfect study companion

Posted by flint over 1 year ago

#Sakuraco#Japanese Sweets#Study Aids

Make your study sessions more immersive with a snack box from Sakuraco